Doyon Natural Resources

Doyon lands, 12.5 million acres, are spread across the Doyon region, an area the size of the country of France. They include historical placer gold mining districts and geologically attractive environments, such as the Tintina Gold Belt, favorable for world-class gold deposits (Pogo, Fort Knox, True North, Vinasale, Donlin Creek, Shotgun), the Ambler Schist Belt, favorable for world-class base metal deposits (Bornite, Arctic and Chandalar Copper Belt) and sedimentary basins favorable for oil and gas deposits (Kandik, Yukon Flats, Nenana). Management of the development of Doyon-owned natural resources emphasizes long-term employment opportunities for Doyon shareholders, revenue to Doyon and shareholder dividends, and development activities be conducted in an environmentally sound and responsible manner which minimizes negative impacts on traditional shareholder activities such as hunting, fishing and trapping.

Jim Mery, VP Lands & Natural Resources

Ray Richards, Geologic Materials Engineer

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