2015 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

The 2015 Doyon, Limited annual meeting of shareholders took place March 20 at the Westmark Hotel in Fairbanks, Alaska. The theme of the meeting was “Our Culture. Our Values. Our Vision.”

Keynote Speaker

The 2015 annual meeting keynote speaker was Jody Juneby Potts. Read more here.

Board Election

At the meeting, four individuals were elected to Doyon’s 13-member board of directors. Elected were incumbents Christopher Simon, Walter “Wally” Carlo and Jennifer Fate, as well as new board member Erica Frankson. Each seat has a three-year term, ending in 2018.

Cash Prizes

Shareholders who submitted their proxies or eProxies by the appropriate deadline were eligible for annual meeting door prizes. A drawing was held Friday, March 20 at the annual meeting. Shareholders did not need to be present to win.

Annual meeting prizes:
Norman D. Wasson, $3,000 prize
Irma M. Arrants, $2,000 prize
Freda A. Williams, $1,000 prize
Robert T. Gentleman, $500 prize
Darryl J. Thompson, $500 prize
Katrina L. Albert, $500 prize
Ann M. Gribble, $500 prize

Shareholders who submitted their paper proxies or eProxies on or before the early bird deadline of Friday, February 20 at 5 p.m. Alaska Standard Time were eligible for early bird prizes in addition to the annual meeting prizes.

Early bird prize winners:
$2,500 prize - William P Monroe Jr.
$1,500 prizes – Jennifer A Englishoe and Fannie P Harper
$1,000 prizes – James L Walker, Andrew A Semaken and Betty L Charlton
$500 prizes – Samuel L Hope, Whitney M Paolino, Christine R Rondon and Ronald A Underwood Jr.
$250 prizes – Eugene Maffei, Agnes M Purdy, Joni A Nelson, Linda Tomlinson-Rippy, Sebastian O McGinty Jr. and Phillip Arrow

Shareholders who voted online using eProxy by the early bird deadline were also eligible to win one of 10 $100 early bird eProxy prizes.

eProxy early bird prize winners:
Tasha F Rankin
Ginger M Attla
Wynter M Degrote
Susan L Robinson
Misty-Rose Parker-Bean
Nana M Pitka
Arthur C Ivanoff
Cheryl Sullivan
Rachel M Faulkner
Cindy M Vanwezel

Answers to Election FAQs

To assist shareholders in better understanding the election process, Doyon developed a “frequently asked questions” page at www.doyon.com/shareholders/election_faq.aspx.

Shareholder Comments and Questions

Doyon welcomes comments and questions from shareholders year-round. Shareholders are encouraged to submit comments and questions online via the Doyon website, or return the comment card inserted in the proxy statement that was mailed to shareholders on January 27.

Shareholder of the Year Awards

At the 2015 annual meeting, the Shareholder of the Year Awards were presented. The 2015 recipients include:
Jenny Pelkola, Hannah Paul Solomon Elder of the Year Award
Jessica Boyle Fields, Chief Andrew Isaac Leadership Award
Phillip Albert Jr., Daaga’ Community Service Award
Wanda Solomon, Richard Frank Military Service Award
Lorraine Titus, Citizen of the Year

More Information

For more information on:

  • Address changes, the eProxy system or proxy card, please contact Doyon’s shareholder records department at 459-2040 (in Fairbanks), 1-888-478-4755 (toll-free) or records@doyon.com.
  • Legal questions, please contact Doyon’s legal department at 459-2177 (in Fairbanks), 1-888-478-4755 (toll-free) or legal@doyon.com.
  • General annual meeting information, visit www.doyon.com or follow Doyon on Facebook or Twitter.