Forms & Applications

Address/Name change - When submitting a name change form, please include a copy of the legal document used to change your name. For example, please include a copy of your valid State ID (with new name), Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree.

Direct Deposit - Direct deposit is a way for shareholders to receive their dividends, distributions, and winnings of cash prizes directly to their bank account. This helps to alleviate lost checks or delay in payments.

  1. Account information should be kept current. A new application needs to be completed and given to shareholder services when a shareholder changes banks or accounts.
  2. Canceling direct deposit require a written and signed note from the shareholder to cancel their direct deposit. Cancellation notes may be faxed or mailed.
  3. Deadlines: There are certain deadlines before each dividend or distribution. These deadlines are advertised on our website, newsletters and email announcements. Doyon usually tries to give shareholders notice to contact shareholder services to check on their accounts well before distributions happen.
  4. Wrong information: if an account is no longer valid the bank will return the payment. Once the payment is returned to Doyon, a check will be issued depending on whether a shareholder has an updated address. If the account is still open or there is money owing the shareholder will need to contact the bank directly. In order to avoid complications it is imperative that shareholders update their account information as soon as possible.