Congratulations to our 2022 eProxy and Early Bird prize winners!

The winners of the early bird prize drawing were randomly pulled by a third party from the names of the 6,885 shareholders who submitted their proxies by the Early Bird deadline of Friday, February 18, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. AKST. The eProxy prize winners were pulled from the names of the 5,233 shareholders who voted online via eProxy by the early bird deadline.

Early Bird Winners: 

$2,500 Tonya M. Mathias 
$1,500 Lance C. Folger 
$1,500  Sue L. Marsh 
$1,000 Frank H. Turner 
$1,000  Stephanie A. Smith 
$1,000  Brian J. Paye 
$500 Edward J. Sam 
$500  Daniel A. Lee 
$500  Kevin J. Wilchek 
$500  Lori M. Stedman 
$250 Heidi Christensen 
$250  Rosanne Christian 
$250Kathleen E. Balvin 
 $250 Ronald M. Kokrine 
$250  Harry O. Edwards 
$250  Karissa L. Carroll 

eProxy Winners: 

$2,500 Hassan Kaplan 
$1,500 Selina J. Sam 
$1,000 Elsie M. King 
$500 Delores L. Huffman 
$500  Dora D. Baker 
$500  Daphne Ekada 
$500  Joseph L. Stickman 
$100 Edward E. Johnsen 
$100  Syra M. Beistline 
$100  Mildred Bird 
$100  Julie L. Luke 
$100  Angela F. Peter 
$100  Angela R. Harper 
$100  Rickey E. Morley 
$100  Kathy L. Perry 
$100  Tyrique Huntington-Nance 
$100  Lloyd A. Jenkins 

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