Annual Report and Proxy Materials Delivered
On January 25, shareholders who did not opt-in to electronic delivery of Annual Meeting materials were mailed one copy of the annual report and proxy statement per household unless requested otherwise. Each individual voting shareholder was also mailed a separate proxy card, postage-paid return envelope, comment card, and candidate matrix. Shareholders who opted-in to receive annual meeting materials electronically should have received an email on January 26 with instructions on how to view the annual report, proxy statement, and candidate matrix, and how to vote online via eProxy.

For more information, contact the Shareholder Records Department at 907-459-2040, 1-888-478-4755 (toll-free), or

Voting and Soliciting Proxies
Doyon’s proxy mailing was sent out on January 25, 2022, and electronic proxies went live on January 26. Doyon is encouraging shareholders to be aware of the State of Alaska rules around proxy solicitation.

The Division of Banking and Securities has long maintained that it considers social media posts to be covered by proxy regulations. For more information, visit Information for Shareholders of ANCSA Corporations.

Comments to Doyon
As a shareholder, your comments and questions are important to Doyon. All feedback is compiled and forwarded to the board of directors, senior management, and the appropriate department.

Please note that concerns pertaining to human resource issues are confidential and cannot be addressed via the comment card.

There are several ways to submit a question and/or comment to Doyon, Limited.

  • A comment card was mailed with the annual report and proxy materials.
  • During the annual meeting, an online comment form will be available to submit questions/comments.

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