In 2022, Doyon’s management and board of directors are excited to share credits were issued on its first carbon-offset project in a voluntary program as part of Doyon’s Sustainability Initiative

The carbon-offset project highlights the ecological and cultural values of our lands while creating a financial and community benefit through income from the carbon project. Doyon’s project connects with our commitment to enhance and protect our lands for the long-term. 

The project is located in Alaska’s arctic boreal forest near the Tanana and Yukon Rivers. The project will be managed to ensure environmental benefits for the 40 years of the length of the project.

“As a Leader In All We Do, we see this as an opportunity to balance economic development and land preservation for today and future generations,” says Aaron Schutt, President and CEO at Doyon. 

Doyon maintains its ability to utilize the lands for multiple uses including local and subsistence use, recreation, and other capacities. 

For more information on the Carbon Offset Initiative, visit, or contact the Lands and Natural Resources Department at 907-479-2030, 1-888-478-4755, or

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