In October 2022, Doyon was pleased to return to our communities! The Doyon shareholder relations committee and staff visited Eagle, Galena, Grayling, and Nenana for an opportunity to speak with the youth and hold a community meeting. The committee members included Charleen Fisher, Ph.D., Jody Potts-Joseph, Georgianna Lincoln, Marvin Roberts, Shirley Cleaver, and Wally Carlo.

These meetings provided an opportunity for shareholders to update their stock wills, direct deposit, and addresses while receiving updates from Doyon staff in lands and natural resources, records, and shareholder outreach.

During the meetings, Doyon recognized and honored veterans and active-duty military with a beaded bone necklace with red, white, and blue beads.

In January, Doyon hosted three Dialogue with Doyon meetings in Anchorage, Alaska; Seattle, Washington; and Portland, Oregon. More than 350 shareholders participated. Doyon President and Chief Executive Officer Aaron Schutt gave an overview of Doyon with time allotted for answered questions, and heard comments.

During the meeting, staff helped shareholders update their stock wills and direct deposits. All participants had a chance to win a trip to attend the 2023 Annual Meeting of Shareholders. Congratulations to Patricia Solomon, Destiny Workman, and Ernest Edwards.

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