The Doyon CARES Assistance Project (CAP) concluded on November 23, 2021.  The deadline to apply for funds was November 11, 2021.

Shareholders who were 18  years and older were able to apply for themselves and their shareholder children; adults were eligible for $1,200 and children were eligible for $500.  Eligible applicants had to be U.S. citizens and earn less than $100,000, single income.  The criteria was based on the Federal Government’s distribution to citizens in June of 2020. 

Staff responded to over 6,000 phone messages, called each Elder over the age of 60, and answered thousands of phone calls.  Outreach included: emails, phone calls, and postcards to shareholders; website, Facebook and Instagram postings, phone calls to village councils, assisting walk-ins, KRFF radio announcements, and an announcement in our newsletter. 

Doyon was able to distribute $13.6M to shareholders to 13,067 shareholders.

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