Congratulations to the following shareholders who opted in for e-delivery of Doyon materials and won $100 each!

  1. Nathon A Blackburn
  2. Michael R Fleagle
  3. Trent K Jonathan
  4. Roseanne M Kruger
  5. Jess D Klassen-Frost
  6. Talliyah M Butler
  7. Chase N Harbaugh
  8. Rebecca J Olin
  9. Briana S Charlie
  10. Jeanne A Woods

Shareholders who have previously opted in to electronic delivery with a valid email address were automatically entered to win. Shareholder record information must be valid and up to date to qualify for prizes.

Opt-in online at to receive future Doyon meeting materials via email.

Please contact Shareholder Records at (907) 459-2040 or at any time to revoke consent and received mailed copy of annual report, proxy statement, and other information within 30 days.

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