Tanana Chiefs Conference and Doyon, Limited Contribute to Doyon Foundation Health Scholarship Fund
$100,000 Donation to Support Increasing Need for Healthcare Workforce

President and CEO Aaron Schutt, Executive Director Tiffany Simmons, and Chief/Chairman PJ Simon

Fairbanks, Alaska – Doyon Foundation is pleased to announce a $100,000 donation award from Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC).

“We at TCC value and understand the importance of investing in our future generations,” said TCC Chief Chairman PJ Simon. “We hope that this funding provides the chance for youth who want to pursue their career in the health field to do so.”

The award from TCC is matched by a financial commitment from Doyon, Limited to dedicate $200,000 to the Foundation’s Health Scholarship Fund. “We have seen the significant value and need for health care professionals in our communities,” said Aaron Schutt, President and CEO of Doyon, Limited. “We are honored to be able to contribute to students’ success.”

TCC and Doyon, Limited are joining forces to support and encourage shareholder students in the health field through the establishment of the Health Scholarship Fund at Doyon Foundation. With the expansion of TCC’s Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center set to open next year, and with the COVID-19 pandemic highlighting the need for an increase in the healthcare workforce, both organizations agree that supporting Alaska Native students in pursuing healthcare careers is a priority.

“For years, we have seen the need in the health field growing and as we look forward, that need will continue to increase,” said Foundation Executive Director, Tiffany Simmons. “The funding will not only support shareholder students financially, it will encourage students to continue their education.”

The additional funding allowed Doyon Foundation to award eight additional health competitive scholarships to students for the fall 2021 semester.

View the official press release here.

For more information on Doyon Foundation and its scholarship programs, including the new Health Scholarship Fund, please visit www.doyonfoundation.com.

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