Doyon provides this update on current mineral exploration programs on Doyon surface and subsurface lands located at three areas as follow up to earlier updates in the monthly newsletters, Village Connection newsletters, and community webinars.

Mineral Exploration Background
The mineral exploration process can take anywhere from 15 to 50 years and focuses on obtaining mineral data through soils sampling, computer data modeling, and drilling of core. This includes drilling long columns of rock which are analyzed to understand the subsurface and its mineral content. Mineral exploration has several stages that range from “greenfield,” or little to no data, to “advanced,” when a large amount of minerals has been identified but needs additional drilling to ensure it is economically feasible to produce. Doyon has several key locations on its lands throughout the Interior region selected for minerals resources potentials that are in different stages.

Minerals Projects

  • Flat Project: Flat includes four townships, or approximately 92,000 acres, of Doyon surface and subsurface lands. Doyon has partnered several times in the past on exploration for soils sampling and drilling. The coming season would focus on surface sampling.
  • Mt. Harper and Carrie Creek: This area is located closest to Healy Lake and is adjacent to the Pogo Mine. Summer 2021 included a sizable drilling program, and 2022 seasonal efforts will be developed as results are returned from the summer 2021 program.
  • Seventymile: Seventymile is about 35 miles west of Eagle and totals about 150,000 acres. The 2021 season was focused on computer data modeling. The summer seasonal plan will focus on additional drilling of core to understand subsurface geology.

Doyon and its partners host community updates prior to activities to share timelines and employment opportunities.

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