Doyon is pleased to announce that Dr. Molly Redilla joins our leadership team as the new Vice President of Lands.  

“We are excited to promote Molly into this role,” said Aaron Schutt, Doyon President and Chief Executive Officer. “As Doyon is the largest private landowner in Alaska and the largest indigenous landowner in the nation. This role is critical to Doyon’s mission of strengthening our way of life and protecting and enhancing our land and resources.” 

Dr. Molly Redilla, who has served as Lands and Natural Resources Specialist IV since November of 2022 and has overseen Doyon’s Carbon Forestry Project and leads other forestry, fire, and invasive species-related programs within the Lands Department. Prior to joining Doyon, Molly led the collection of various environmental data products across Alaska’s taiga and tundra for multiple years. 

Molly earned her Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife with a concentration in Wildlife Biology and Management and a Doctor of Philosophy in Forestry and Spatial Ecology from Michigan State University. Molly was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at North Carolina State University where she researched ways to help stop the spread of the most invasive forest insect in North America to date. Molly has spent years studying and researching forest health and ecology and modeling landscape changes across space and time. She has been working in this field for 12 years and has devoted much of her time and career thus far to understanding the land we live on and determining ways we can help manage it.

View the official press release here.

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