Alaskans should have received their ballots for the Special Primary Election for the U.S. Representative seat that was held by the late Congressman Don Young for 49 years. This month, voters will select one out of the 48 candidate names to fill this seat.

This election will ONLY be conducted by mail. Ballots were sent out on Wednesday, April 27, and must be returned by Saturday, June 11. Each ballot must include the voter’s signature, a witness signature, and an identifier (one example of an identifier is the last 4 digits of your social security number). Ballots may be hand delivered at any of the five regional offices in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Nome, and Wasilla. 

To update your mailing address or if you don’t want to receive a ballot, contact the Alaska Division of Elections. If you receive someone else’s ballot at your address and that person does not live there, please write “Not at this address – RETURN TO SENDER” and place it back in the mailbox. If a ballot is for someone who is deceased write “Deceased – RETURN TO SENDER” and place back in the mailbox. Postal services will return the ballots back to the Alaska Division of Elections. 

You can find the candidate list here. Please take some time to view the candidate list and to vote by June 11 for the U.S. Representative seat!

For more information, visit the Alaska Division of Elections at or Pearle Green, GOTNV intern, at 907-459-2087 or

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