It is Doyon’s policy to add shareholders to the bad address list if two pieces of mail are returned by the USPS from the current address on file for a particular shareholder. Newsletters, proxies, second mailed proxies, along with other items are included as mail pieces. It is important that your mailing address and other contact information are kept current to receive important information from Doyon.

The following shareholders need to update their contact information with Doyon. If you are on the list, please contact the Shareholder Records Department at 907-459-2040 or 1-888-478-4755 ext. 2040 or via email at

Please note that address updates can only be made by contacting the records department directly. Updates will not be accepted through program applications, the Doyon Talent Bank, or otherwise.

Adams, Chad B. 
Adams, Shawntel P.
Anderson, Allan W.
Aplin, Marcus A. 
Bergman, Veronica N.
Berry, Gerald J.
Beuckman, Mika J.
Bourdon, Cynthia M.
Brean, Kathryn N.
Bush-Itta, Lisa R.
Carroll, Donald G.
Chappell, Tyler K.
Charlie, Angela R.
Cheverie, Preston T.
Coburn, Naomi R.
Dahl, Tiffany L.
David, Rachel L.
Demientieff, Cherilyn E.
Demientieff, Susan M.
Dennis, Paul J.
Desmond, Hunter J.
DeWilde, Gavin T.
Dillon, Donald J.
Dollinger, Kameron S.
Dugay, Christopher J.
Durling, Michael T.
Edenso, Marly F.
Elam, James D.
Elliott, Kathleen V.
Erhart, Charles J.
Foster, Edgar A.
Frank, Misty R.
Frost, Stephen
Galbreath, Larry R.
Garcia, Kimberley A.
Gutierrez, Karen A.
Hill, Timothy B.
Hughes, Samuel S.
James, Susanne R.
Jimmie, Bryan L.
Joseph, Jacob D.
Katcheak, Jason T.
Kelly, Gerald J.
Ketzler, Lawrence E.
Kirby, Vanessa F.
Kraft, Frederick A.
Langton, Raymond W.
Loos, Miles T.
MacDonald, Lena I.
Magnuson-Shepherd, Aspen
Martin, Larry J.
Martinez, Jessica L.
McJunkin, Franklin E.
McKeown, Randy E.
McNamee, Matthew K.
Moran, Mari A.
Murphy, Michelle N.
Nickoli, Gregory T.
O’Brien, Felicia A.
Paul, Linda R.
Personius, Braeden S.
Pete, Cynthia L.
Pourny, Marc-Andre
Powers, David H.
Press, Lloyd J.
Radford, Brian C.
Rathbun, Joshua D.
Rittenberry, Aaron R.
Roberts, Vernon T.
Rodriguez, James M.
Ross, James S.
Saganna, Ronald L.
Sandoval, Pamela J.
Sands, Cynthia M.
Sanford, Charlein T.
Saunders, Tyler
Schakel, Bobbie Jean
Sequak, Mark D.
Shanahan, Tina M.
Shearer, Melissa C.
Smoke, Reka K.
Smoot, Ernest R.
Spencer, Shyann
Stepetin, Viola J.
Stone, Christel N.
Tackett, Howard A.
Theodore, Matthew D.
Thompson, Aaron N.
Verrier, Richard P.
White, Brittany D.
Woodle, Christopher J.
Wright, Anthony C.

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