At Doyon, our mission is to continually enhance our position as a financially strong Native corporation in order to promote the economic and social well-being of our shareholders and future shareholders, to strengthen our Native way of life, and to protect and enhance our land and resources.

Doyon entered into a lease agreement with Wiseman Metals to undertake exploration for metals critical for transition to renewable energy, like copper and niobium, on the Wiseman East, Wiseman West, and Kaazene Projects.

The current work is low impact, early-stage exploration to assess the potential for an economic resource. Whilst early-stage work provides limited opportunities for landowner participation, this work is adding value to our assets and has the potential to unlock new economic opportunities for Doyon and our shareholders.

Doyon has been encouraged by the dedication of Wiseman Metals to their cultural heritage and community engagement programs. Further information in relation to Wiseman Metals 2023 programs are outlined below.

Wiseman East & West

• Lease agreement signed in early 2022
• Doyon has selected lands for surface and sub-surface rights of 294,000 acres
• Multiple mineralized trends for Copper with gold being explored
• Required expenditures carried out annually
• Scholarship contributions to ANSEP, GeoFORCE, and Doyon Foundation

Wiseman Kaazene

• Wiseman has entered into leases with Doyon and in addition has staked state lease claims
• Doyon Select lands for surface and sub-surface rights of 23,000 acres
• Surrounding pegged ground of 39,000 acres
• Targeting 30km length of surface rare earths near old placers
• Scholarship contributions to ANSEP, GeoFORCE, and Doyon Foundation

For any questions, please contact the Lands and Natural Resources Department at 907-459-2030, 1-888-458-4755, or

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