Yukon Flats Oil & Gas Exploration Update

Doyon provides this brief update on the Yukon Flats oil and gas exploration project as we enter the spring and summer season of 2022.

Doyon and Hilcorp Alaska signed an agreement for oil and gas exploration in the Yukon Flats building upon forty years of prior exploration projects. The first phase of the project was an aerial gradiometric survey in summer 2020 which was completed in July 2020. The survey provided magnetic data to help understand the geologic composition of the region. In summer 2021, 15 shallow stratigraphic tests, no deeper than 250 feet, were implemented in the vicinity of Birch Creek to help understand subsurface geology. The stratigraphic tests were completed successfully and included local hire and contracting. Data analysis from this program is ongoing and the next steps have not yet been identified.


Doyon is committed to ongoing updates and engagement with Interior region communities. Engagement on this project includes box holder mailouts for updates, in-person community meetings, webinar updates to address COVID requirements, and regular check-ins.

Learn more about the Yukon Flats Exploration project here.

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