Doyon and Tectonic Metals, Inc. (Tectonic) committed to a collaborative early-stage gold mineral exploration project at Flat in September 2021. Flat is located approximately 60 miles southwest of McGrath, Alaska. The lands at Flat, which are Doyon surface and subsurface, were selected by the early Doyon board for its mineral potential.

The area consists of four townships, or about 90,000 acres, of land. Flat’s mining history includes early placer gold discovery in the early 1900s. Doyon has partnered on three exploration projects in the past at Flat. The last project occurred in 2003 which included drilling.

Early-stage mineral exploration includes data analysis of pre-existing information as well as pursuing new geologic analysis such as soil sampling and core analysis. Core is rock samples taken under the surface that can be examined to understand the geology.

Tectonic and Doyon have partnered on projects across the Doyon region primarily in the Upper Tanana Subregion. Tectonic is a junior mining exploration company based in Vancouver, Canada. The company has in-depth experience working with indigenous communities and development of a successful gold project in Yukon Territory.

Tectonic will start work on the project in the summer of 2022. Doyon continues to provide information to communities in the vicinity including a project webinar and mailouts detailing more information on the next steps. Doyon and Tectonic are committed to ongoing engagement and communication with shareholders, communities, and residents regarding projects, impacts, and potential hiring and training.

For more information, contact the Lands and Natural Resources Department at 907-459-2030, 1-888-478-4755 (toll-free), or

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