2023 annual meeting of shareholders

This year, we are celebrating the achievements of Walter Harper and the 1913 Denali expedition. Beyond his central role in the first ascent of Denali, Walter served as a bridge between Indigenous and Western cultures at a time our region faced great changes. His solid Athabascan identity, grounded in his culture, and his strong sense of purpose allowed him to lead by example. He was – and continues to be – a role model and hero for many. Walter set an example that Doyon follows today to be a  Leader In All We Do

Online voting is now open for Doyon, Limited’s 2023 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, which will take place on Friday, March 17, 2023, at the Westmark Fairbanks Hotel. During the Annual Meeting, shareholders will elect five members to the Doyon Board of Directors.

We encourage you to vote early and vote online! Shareholders who vote online by the early bird deadline on Friday, February 17, 2023, by 5 p.m. AKST are eligible for ALL prizes , including eProxy prizes, early bird prizes, and Annual Meeting prizes.

Board Election

Doyon’s Board of Director election serves to give new leaders a voice in the Boardroom. Through proxy voting, our shareholders determine who represents them each year.

At the 2023 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, five individuals will be elected to Doyon’s 13-member Board of Directors.


Our shareholders live all over Alaska and the rest of the world. For many of you, traveling to the Annual Meeting is out of the question. Proxy voting ensures every shareholder voice is heard — even from thousands of miles away.

The eProxy system allows you to vote for board directors and ensures that we follow our bylaws, which require over 50 percent of our voting shares to be present for a valid annual meeting and for the election of our board.

When you give your proxy or eProxy to the Doyon proxy committee or to a voting Doyon shareholder who attends the annual meeting, your votes will be cast exactly as you wish. Voting typically starts 60 days before the annual meeting in mid-January, and closes in mid-March.

You can find FAQ’s at the bottom of this page.

Annual Meeting Webcast

Watch the Annual Meeting live on Friday, March 17, 2023. The password to access the live webcast can be found in your Annual Meeting materials that were mailed or emailed to you.

We want to hear your voice

Here at Doyon, we celebrate the uniquely outstanding individuals who make up our vibrant communities.

Ranging from dedicated leadership, to cultural mentors and veterans, our Shareholder of the Year awards recognize our family, friends, and neighbors who selflessly give all of themselves to their communities and culture.

Awards are presented at the Annual Meeting in three different categories.

Photo: Rhonda Pitka, Beaver, 2018 Doyon Citizen of the Year Award Recipient and her daughter.

2023 Shareholder of the Year Awards

Poldine Carlo Citizen of the Year

This award recognizes a person who has demonstrated leadership, strong commitment, competence, and sensitivity in the educational and cultural survival of Alaska Natives. Recipients may be chosen for contributions in the fields of health or education, maintenance of a traditional lifestyle, or for the example they set as parents.


This award recognizes an Elder, age 55 or older, who has demonstrated their significant devotion towards the betterment of Native Alaskan lives. The Elder of the Year award is named in honor of the late Hannah Paul Solomon who dedicated a majority of her life towards teaching younger generations the traditional Native ways of life.

Daaga’ Community Service

This award recognizes an individual or a community that shows significant commitment, competence, and sensitivity in helping others to make their community a healthier and safer place to live, and whose accomplishments have directly affected Native Alaskan lives in countless different ways.

The deadline to nominate shareholders was Friday, October 14, 2022.

Our shareholders live all over Alaska, and the rest of the world. For many of you, traveling to the Annual Meeting is out of the question. So Doyon uses an eProxy system to make sure every shareholder’s voice is heard—even from far away. Below are frequently asked questions about voting at the Annual Meeting.

Am I required to select a proxy holder?

Many shareholders cannot attend the annual meeting in person; therefore, Doyon uses a proxy system. Doyon’s bylaws require that more than 50 percent of voting shares must be present to have a valid annual meeting in order to select a board of directors. Shareholders can give their proxy to the Doyon Proxy Committee or to a voting Doyon shareholder who will be present at the annual meeting. Votes will be cast as directed on the proxy. Less than 3 percent of our 20,400+ shareholders show up in person at the annual meeting. To reach a quorum, most shareholders are represented by proxies. The use of proxies is not unique to Doyon. It is a business practice used throughout the corporate world where a business is owned by shareholders.

Is it true the Proxy Committee re-elects themselves through undirected voting?

When the Proxy Committee receives undirected votes, as part of the election rules the votes MUST be distributed evenly to all the candidates who are running for the open board seats.

Why does Doyon have a candidate matrix?

Doyon’s Board of Directors felt that a candidate matrix would be an easier, at-a-glance way to see and compare each candidate’s background. In 2011, the candidate matrix was added to the annual meeting and proxy information sent to shareholders.

Does Doyon still use a board-recommended slate of candidates?

No. Doyon no longer uses a board-recommended slate of candidates. At its August 2010 meeting, the board of directors voted to discontinue its use. 

Please explain the required rural representation on the Board of Directors.

Doyon, Limited’s articles of incorporation require rural representation on the board of directors. Rural shareholders are defined in the articles of incorporation as those shareholders residing within the Tanana Chiefs Conference region but outside the Fairbanks North Star Borough. The minimum number of board seats that must be held by shareholders who reside in the rural area is determined by a formula contained in the articles  of incorporation. Currently, rural directors must hold 20 percent of the 13 board positions or a minimum of three seats. Based on the current number of rural shareholders and continuing rural directors, no rural directors are required to be elected during this year’s election. However, Doyon’s board can have a higher number of rural directors.

How do candidates get my personal contact information? I didn’t give it to them and yet I’m receiving materials from board candidates.

Doyon is required by Alaska law to make shareholder names and addresses available to candidates for the Doyon board of directors. However, the information is released with proper safeguards. Doyon only releases the  information to approved third-party vendors who print and mail or email candidate messages. Third-party vendors sign a confidentiality agreement that only allows use of shareholder names and addresses for proxy  solicitation messages sent on behalf of a candidate. Shareholder names, addresses and email addresses are not released directly to candidates, or to anyone else. Doyon takes the confidentiality of shareholder information  very seriously and will continue its efforts to safeguard shareholder information.

For more information, contact the Communications Department at
907-459-2097, 1-888-478-4755. ext. 2097, or communications@doyon.com