How do I receive my Annual Meeting materials?

The Doyon annual report and proxy materials will be mailed to all voting shareholders in January, unless shareholders opt-in for electronic delivery. Those who opt-in will receive their materials electronically, via the email address provided to the Doyon Records Department. This email will include all Annual Meeting materials, as well as the link and instructions for online voting via the eProxy site.

Annual Meeting Webcast

Protected: Annual Meeting Webcast


Our shareholders live all over Alaska and the rest of the world. For many of you, traveling to the Annual Meeting is out of the question. Proxy voting ensures every shareholder voice is heard — even from thousands of miles away.

The eProxy system allows you to vote for board directors and ensures that we follow our bylaws, which require over 50 percent of our voting shares to be present for a valid annual meeting and for the election of our board.

When you give your proxy or eProxy to the Doyon proxy committee or to a voting Doyon shareholder who attends the annual meeting, your votes will be cast exactly as you wish. Voting typically starts 60 days before the annual meeting in mid-January, and closes in mid-March.

Board Election

Doyon’s Board of Director election serves to give new leaders a voice in the Boardroom. Through proxy voting, our shareholders determine who represents them each year.

  • The Doyon, Limited Board will have four seats up for election at the March 2022 annual meeting.
  • Each director’s seat is for a term of three years.
  • Current directors whose terms expire at the March 2022 Annual Meeting are Betty Huntington, Jerry Isaac, Sonta Hamilton Roach, and Miranda Wright.
  • The rural requirement calls for the election of two rural directors this year.

The Board candidate portal is closed. The deadline to apply was Thursday, October 7, 2021, at 5 p.m. AKDT.

Have questions surrounding Doyon’s Board election process and how to apply? Contact 1-888-478-4755 ext. 2177.

We want to hear your voice

Here at Doyon, we celebrate the uniquely outstanding individuals who make up our vibrant communities.

Ranging from dedicated leadership, to cultural mentors and veterans, our Shareholder of the Year awards recognize our family, friends, and neighbors who selflessly give all of themselves to their communities and culture.

Awards are presented at the Annual Meeting in three different categories.

Photo: Rhonda Pitka, Beaver, 2018 Doyon Citizen of the Year Award Recipient and her daughter.

Shareholder of the Year Awards

Poldine Carlo Citizen of the Year

This award recognizes a person who has demonstrated leadership, strong commitment, competence, and sensitivity in the educational and cultural survival of Alaska Natives. Recipients may be chosen for contributions in the fields of health or education, maintenance of a traditional lifestyle, or for the example they set as parents.

Gin’tith Richard Frank Military Service Award

The Gin’tith Richard Frank Military Service Award recognizes a veteran or active duty service member in good standing from any military branch who has demonstrated strong qualities of leadership in service to our country and commitment to fellow Alaska Natives and military families. The award is named after the late Gin’tith Richard Frank who was a strong advocate for our people to serve the country.

Chief Andrew Isaac Leadership Award

The Chief Andrew Isaac Leadership Award recognizes an individual, age 35 or younger, who has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities. The award is named in honor of the late Traditional Chief Andrew Isaac, who emphasized the importance of education for youth to become strong leaders of tomorrow.

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1-888-478-4755. ext. 2124, or