Na-Dena` invests in Alaska Tourism

Na-Dena` is a 50-50 joint venture between Alaska Native corporations Doyon, Limited, and Huna Totem Corporation, focused on expanding sustainable tourism in Alaska. The new company is taking a holistic approach to statewide tourism, connecting the modern-day traveler with historic traditions, crafting new turnkey excursion packages, and building value for Huna Totem and Doyon shareholders by creating jobs in a sustainable industry for future generations. Na-Dena` will explore opportunities for growth in transportation, lodging, and tour development in the state.

The Na-Dena connection between Athabascan and Tlingit cultures and languages spans history and includes trade alliances, familial relationships, and and now into present day. In Tlingit, “naa” and Athabascan, “dene” both mean “people” or “tribe.”

Alaska Independent Coach Tours

Alaska Independent Coach Tours LLC, is a Na-Dena` company, and operates over 100 motor coaches from Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway, and Sitka, and Southcentral Alaska as Alaska Pacific Tours. The combined companies offer tours and transportation to major cruise lines and private groups visiting Alaska during summer.

Klawock Port, Klawock Island Ventures

Na-Dena` is pleased to partner with Klawock Heenya Corporation to develop a new port to serve the cruise ship industry. The project is modeled after Huna Totem’s Icy Strait Point. It is the first port to host large cruise ships on Prince of Wales Island.

Featuring sport fishing, culinary experiences, wildlife viewing and totem carving traditions, Alaska’s next large cruise ship destination is being built near the Tlingit village of Klawock.

Built on 16 acres on Klawock Island, the port sits on the Pacific coast side of Prince of Wales Island. The Port of Klawock is ideally positioned for north and southbound Alaska itineraries. With two separate fjord entrances, sailing in and out of the port will treat cruisers to scenic views of the wildlife-rich archipelagos, dramatic mountains, and lush islands. The port island is connected by a bridge to the Prince of Wales’ vast road system and to other communities and tour options around the island. The port of Klawock helps Na-Dena` promote the Alaska tourism industry, providing travelers with an increasing number of cultural tour products and sustainable tourism opportunities. The port partnership expects to serve cruise line visits for the 2024 and 2025 seasons, meeting the growing demands of the Alaska travel market. The port is located on the old pulp mill dock and will bring economic opportunities back to the community that left when the pulp mill closed.

The port will include a welcome center, retail, café, walking trails, historical displays, buses, and restrooms once open.

Homer Lighthouse Village Development

Doyon is in very early stages of planning a hotel in Homer, overseeing the famous Homer Spit. Homer’s scenic beauty and strategic location make it an ideal destination for tourists and business travelers.

The hotel and development include initial plans for hospitality beds, conference space, employee housing, public access, and a rooftop bar.

Project benefits include economic opportunity through jobs, tourism, and sustainable growth. The hotel will also have a community impact and can serve as a hub for community events, gatherings, and cultural activities.

For more information contact Doyon, Limited at 907-459-2000, 1-888-478-4755, or