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Doyon’s community maps are georeferenced and can be uploaded to third-party apps that accept georeferenced pdf’s. This allows individuals to upload these maps to their mobile devices and have it accessible in the field. 

Trespassing on Doyon lands

Doyon lands are private and using them without permission is trespassing. 

Doyon and village corporation lands are private property, and Doyon has the right to exclude non-shareholders from our private property. 

The Lands and Natural Resources Department works collaboratively with village corporations and villages to address trespass. 

Efforts to reduce trespassing


The Lands and Natural Resources Department has worked hard to place signs and informational kiosks in convenient locations and increase surveillance of lands:

  • Around villages and traditional hunting areas across the Doyon Region.
  • Around lands easily accessed from the road systems. 


Doyon annually posts maps of Doyon’s lands in the Alaska Department of Fish & Game hunting regulation booklets.  

  • The public has an obligation and the opportunity to research land status before hunting trips.  
  • Non-shareholder hunters must think about where they want to hunt and the modes of transportation needed to get there. 
  • Hunters must plan ahead to understand who owns the lands they intend to cross and understand if there are any easements available for their use. Traversing Doyon lands without permission is trespass. 

Subsistence and recreational use on Doyon lands is for shareholders only. 

Report trespass

Shareholders and village representatives can report any trespass on Doyon lands to the Lands and Natural Resources Department by using the online form below.

Doyon will use reports of trespass to track, organize, and respond to trespass activity by developing a database and heat map identifying high trespass areas.  

These tools will inform Doyon where additional signage and mitigation efforts are most needed.

Everyone should exercise safety and caution. Individuals interested in reporting trespass to Doyon are requested to prioritize safety first and foremost and not approach individuals believed to be trespassing.

Frequently asked questions

I am not a shareholder, can I get a permit to recreate on Doyon lands?

No, Doyon’s lands are closed to the public for all activities, including hunting, fishing, and camping. Alaska is home to many acres of public land. Please visit the Bureau of Land Management’s or State of Alaska’s website for more details.  

I saw someone trespassing on Doyon lands. How do I let Doyon know?

Please never approach a suspected trespasser. If you think Doyon should be aware of this trespass, please feel free to fill out our trespass report form.

How can I determine where Doyon lands are located?

Doyon has a great interactive web map found here:  ArcGIS Web Application. Additional resources include the OnX app, the Bureau of Lands Management’s website, or by contacting the Doyon Lands Department for additional resources.  

I am not a shareholder, am I able to cross Doyon lands to reach public lands?

Certain easements exist but the level of restrictions vary, Please contact the Bureau of Land Management for guidance at 907-271-5596.  

Will Doyon contact law enforcement?

Doyon works to resolve most trespass situations without contacting law enforcement, but reserves the right to engage law enforcement regarding trespass activity.

For more information contact the Lands and Natural Resources Department at 907-459-2030, 1-888-478-4755 ext. 2030, or lands@doyon.com.