Doyon, Limited is proud to announce that the 2024 May distribution amount is $6.31 per share, or $631 per 100 shares! This distribution will be paid on Thursday, May 9, 2024 to class B shareholders and village corporations

For more information, contact Shareholder Records at 907-459-2040, 1-888-478-4755, or


Sections 7(i) and 7(j) of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) are unique revenue-sharing mechanisms included by the United States Congress to help ensure that all Alaska Natives benefited from resource development on ANCSA lands. Under Section 7(i), a regional corporation must share 70% of the net revenue from timber and subsurface minerals developed on regional corporation ANCSA lands with the other 11 Alaska Native regional corporations.

Under Section 7(j), a regional corporation must annually pay 50% of the money received under Section 7(i) to the village corporations and to at-large shareholders within its region. In the Doyon region, we make distributions to our village corporations and at-large shareholders in the April/May timeframe of Section 7(i) money we have received from the other regional corporations during the preceding year.

The formula we use is to divide 50% of the amount of Section 7(i) money received by the number of original shareholders. Doyon then pays each village corporation its proportional share of money based on the class A shareholder population in 1972. Each village corporation determines how to use its 7(j) payments.

Every at-large/Class B shareholder receives a disbursement for the individual proportional share based on the same formula.

To make records information changes for future DST distributions, please contact Shareholder Records at or 1-888-478-4755 (ext. 2040) or 907-459-2040.

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