There are several key gold mineral exploration projects occurring in the Doyon region, primarily in the Upper Tanana Subregion. These projects include Seventymile, Road Metals (Northway), and Mt. Harper-Carrie Creek (Pogo District). These are very early-stage mineral exploration projects focused on drilling for geologic analysis and soil analysis. Early-stage mineral exploration can take anywhere from 7 to 40 years or more. Several of Doyon’s key mineral exploration properties were chosen by the early Doyon Board of Directors for mineral potential, including Seventymile and Mt. Harper-Carrie Creek.

Seventymile is located approximately 30 miles southwest of Eagle on Doyon surface lands. Tectonic Metals Inc. signed an agreement for over 150,000 acres in 2019. Further exploration is planned in 2021 to better understand the geologic structures.

Road Metals is located on Doyon and Northway Natives Inc. surface lands.  These lands are located in the village of Northway. Tectonic Metals Inc. signed an agreement for over 100,000 acres in 2019 to explore for gold. Exploration in 2019 included a rotary air blast drilling program and soil testing. The plan for this upcoming summer is focused on data analysis on structures.

Mt. Harper-Carrie Creek is located about 30 miles north of Healy Lake, within the areas identified as the Pogo mine district, and includes over 60,000 acres of Doyon surface lands.  The exploration has a focus on gold. Tectonic Metals Inc. signed an agreement with Doyon in 2020, and the plan for this summer will include additional soil analysis to better understand gold potential.

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