Doyon, Limited is participating in voluntary carbon offset projects. Currently, there are three forestry projects: Tsogh, Ts’ebaa North, and Ts’ebaa South. The projects were named after white spruce trees, translated in Athabascan languages. Ts’ebaa is Denaakk’e (Koyukon) and Tsogh (ts’ǒgh) is Nee’anděg’ (Tanacross).

  • Tsogh extends from Dot Lake to Tanana and covers 172,737 acres of Doyon land.
  • Ts’ebaa North extends from Kaltag to just east of Ruby and covers 96,904 acres of Doyon land
  • Ts’ebaa South extends from Holy Cross to just south of Kaltag and covers 106,607 acres of Doyon land. 

Located near the Tanana and Yukon Rivers, these projects will be managed to ensure environmental benefits for their 40-year time spans.

Doyon will be conducting forest inventories in the Ts’ebaa North and South areas from May to September.

Economic benefits and job opportunities

  • Doyon preserves existing forests while creating income.
  • Community access remains for all local and subsistence uses.
  • Staff positions will oversee long-term fire and disease threats.

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