Vote No in November

In November, Alaska voters will be asked on Election Day, “Shall there be a constitutional convention?” 

Doyon is recommending our shareholders vote no in November.  A yes vote would require Alaska to host a Constitutional Convention, and if we vote no, the question will be automatically asked again in ten years. 

Alaskans have rejected a convention every time it has appeared on the ballot because Alaska has a strong Constitution which has served our state well over the last sixty years. The Alaska Constitution currently commits the State to support public education, public health, public welfare, and support for our university system. 

A Yes Vote is like opening Pandora’s Box.

If Alaskans vote yes, Alaska would be required to host a convention, and Convention Delegates would have the power to re-write our entire constitution.  Once a new constitution, or any changes were proposed by the convention delegates, Alaskans would then also have to vote on those changes.   

Many types of changes would be proposed; some of these changes may not be meaningful, and some may be rejected by Alaskan voters after the convention concludes. 

Yet holding a constitution convention can put issues like support for schools, abortion, climate change, environmental regulation, and gun rights up for debate. 

Doyon believes rural Alaska has much at stake, with the potential to put issues like Power Cost Equalization, rural education funding, and the management of the Permanent Fund and its dividends on the table.

For these reasons, Doyon encourages our shareholders to vote No in November.   

For more information on the Constitutional Convention, please contact the External Affairs Department at 907-459-2092, 1-888-478-4755, or

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