Alan Craig Svoboda, a ladies’ man, accomplished traveler, and follower of Christ, passed on to his final destination on Sunday, February 14th, 2021.

As a child Alan loved dog racing, playing various sports, torturing his sisters, fixing snowmachines with his dad,

Alan took fashion queues from no one, he was always dressed to the nines. He had a big spirit and an even bigger personality. While Alan was renowned for his ability to skillfully play any sport, baseball was his true love.

Alan loved to travel, making friends and family out of people spread near and far. Alan had a unique way of understanding, empathizing, and connecting with people. All of these people whom he made a connection with, he loved deeply.

Alan was a loving father to Jocelyn Long (Svoboda), and took pride in his son-in-law Robert Franklin and bonus daughter Sydney Shriver. Alan got fulfillment out of being an amazing Papa to Isabel, Jaxson, Triston, Noah, and Emmett, of Fairbanks, Alaska.

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