Yukon Flats Update
Hilcorp completed their summer stratigraphic program in the Yukon Flats in July and demobilized from Birch Creek in early August 2021. Thirteen stratigraphic tests were completed safely and with strong environmental standards and all permits and authorizations. The project utilized a helicopter and was able to accommodate flight patterns and timing so that no comments of impact were received.  We are pleased with Hilcorp’s measures implemented during the program to mitigate impacts, hire residents, and conduct a safe and productive program. Hilcorp is reporting that data from the program is in the analytical process and the results will determine whether to conduct a seismic program.   

Doyon and Hilcorp signed an agreement for oil and gas exploration in late 2019 for 1.6 million acres in the vicinity of the Yukon Flats. In the 1970s, Doyon and village corporations in the region partnered on land coordination agreements to add an additional 400,000 acres into the Yukon Flats to maximize land status for future oil and gas exploration and to provide a larger area for local use if a future discovery was made. Doyon, Limited has conducted several geologic analysis programs over the years to learn more about subsurface geology. Recent programs include a 2011 Doyon sponsored seismic program near Stevens Village and in 2020, Hilcorp conducted an airborne geophysical survey. 

Throughout our engagement with communities in person and via Zoom meetings we have heard that communication is a very important part of the program.  Residents want to know in advance of the programs and potential impacts.  Doyon is committed to continue to conduct meetings when possible and other forms of electronic community outreach frequently to keep communities involved and informed. Doyon also regularly provides updates on our website and shareholder newsletters.  We will continue to listen, learn and address information requests and concerns. 

For more information, visit the Yukon Flats Exploration page.

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