The 2023 season has been busy in the Lands and Natural Resources Department.

Carbon Forestry Project

Forest inventories were conducted and completed for Ts’ebaa North and Ts’ebaa South. These inventories were scheduled to be completed in early July, but due to flooding along the Yukon, this led to completion occurring in August. A subset of plots within both project areas were verified by a third-party verifier in late August and have passed. Our projects and data are now being reviewed by the American Carbon Registry.

Learn more about Doyon’s Carbon Forestry Project here.


The fire season was quite delayed this year in the Interior. Calls were minimal but began to pick up in late July. Doyon worked closely with Forestry Management Officers, the Division of Forestry, and the Forest Service to protect cultural sites, shareholder property, and Doyon and village corporation land when a fire occurred. Overall, there were minimal fires and those that did occur were quickly contained.


The Lands and Natural Resources Department launched a new trespass webpage where individuals can learn about Doyon’s trespass program and report trespass using a new electronic form.

This information will be compiled into a database to determine where additional signage and kiosks can be installed, and where staff can place more attention on monitoring.

Please find our new trespass website here.

Sand, Gravel, and Rock

Lands and Natural Resources staff visited many existing material sites across the region throughout the summer in preparation for future material sales and donations. During these visits, staff worked to identify wetlands and waters around these sites to inform future site plans and responsible development. Additionally, they gathered drone imagery at each site to further assist in future planning efforts. Data gathered during these trips is used to create guidelines specific to each material site to assist communities in developing mining and reclamation plans compliant with state and federal guidelines when using Doyon gravel sites for local infrastructure projects.

In 2023, Doyon gravel was used for several large projects including the Totchaket Road Improvements and Expansion, Shageluk Airport Improvements, and the Hughes Sunny Lane Road. On the local side, gravel was donated across 6 communities for projects including flood repairs and shareholder housing. 

Mineral Exploration

There are currently two groups doing mineral exploration on Doyon leased land.

Wiseman Metals completed a 22-hole drill program at East Wiseman and collected rock samples at West Wiseman. They were also able to collect rock and soil samples from their other lease area at Tofty.

Tectonic is active in Flat and has begun drilling. This summer Doyon and contractors were able to collect samples in 5 locations across Doyon. There were 3 soil sampling programs and two rock sampling trips. Soil and rock samples were collected south of Galena, south of Eagle, and west of the Dalton highway. Rock samples were also collected just south of Eagle and near Northway. Around 750 total samples were collected. Trips were made to the Wiseman, Flat, Seventymile, Mt. Veta, Northway, Lake Sithylemenkat, and Eagle. Learn more about Doyon’s mineral projects here.

For more information, contact the Lands and Natural Resources Department at 907-459-2030, 1-888-458-4755, or

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