“Get up, move, do something.”

The meaning of Daaga’ and the spirit of the Doyon Daaga’ Award

Daaga’ provides annual grants to programs and projects that promote healthy, clean, and sober Alaska Native communities.

Through the Daaga’ Award, Native leaders unite to promote healthy, drug-and-alcohol-free communities with grants of up to $3,000 per annual funding cycle.

Programs that integrate the spiritual, social, and economic needs of our people make us all stronger. The proposed projects should support the values of the Daaga’ Awards, which include contributing to the healing that lies within the local people, utilizing the strength of traditional values, and encouraging programs that integrate the spiritual, social, and economic needs of the communities.

Since 1990, Doyon has awarded more than $280,000 to interior Native individuals and organizations.

The Daaga’ Award reflects our belief that communities are healthier when Native values are alive and traditional skills are prized-such as beadwork, artwork, hunting, and trapping.

The deadline to apply for the Daaga’ Award grant is Friday, January 7, 2022.

Featured image: Using the Daaga’ Award grant, the Tetlin tribal administration organized a group of volunteers to teach youth about burbot fishing on Tetlin Lake.

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