Today, May 1, Doyon, Limited, the Alaska Native regional corporation for Interior Alaska, has announced its acquisition of Fairweather, LLC, a leader in oilfield support services in Alaska. 

Fairweather is joining the Doyon Family of Companies. This acquisition will support Doyon’s existing operations on the North Slope, providing expertise in oilfield support, weather, logistics, and medical services. 

Fairweather, LLC was founded in 1976 by Sherron Perry with a focus on providing aviation weather observation services to remote regions of Alaska. Responding to the growth of the emerging oil and gas industry, Fairweather expanded its operations to include a number of highly sought-after support services designed to support exploration and production activities.

“We are pleased to cross the finish line on this agreement with Doyon,” said Rick Fox, Fairweather Senior Vice President and General Manager. “Fairweather has over 80 years of management experience, and over 180 employees, with expertise in oilfield services, aviation, medical services, airport and weather support, and expediting and logistics services. We know our business model will continue to support Alaska’s North Slope.” 

Fairweather is a strategic investment opportunity in a growing Alaskan service-based organization – a business that complements Doyon’s existing oil field services in Alaska’s oil and gas industry.   

Fairweather’s 180 team members will join the Doyon Oil Field Service Pillar, which includes Doyon Drilling, Mid-Alaska Pipeline, Doyon Associated, and Doyon Anvil. These companies provide Arctic drilling, pipeline ownership construction, maintenance and operations, camps, engineering, and procurement services to Alaska’s oil and gas industry.

“We are very pleased to have Fairweather join our Family of Companies. Fairweather has a well-earned reputation and there are many synergies between our existing Doyon oil field services companies and Fairweather,” said Aaron Schutt, Doyon President and Chief Executive Officer. “We are both Alaska-based companies focused on our employees, customers, safety, and successful project outcomes for our clients.” 

The acquisition of Fairweather continues Doyon’s position as the leader in Arctic oil field services. Doyon, Limited was established on June 26, 1972, as a for-profit corporation pursuant to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 (ANCSA).

View the official press release.

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