The Doyon Lands and Resources Department works collaboratively with village corporations and villages to address trespass. Doyon and village corporation lands are private property, and we have the right to exclude non-shareholders from our private property. The State of Alaska acknowledges that Doyon lands are private and that using them without permission is trespassing. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) focuses on public access to hunting, fishing, trapping, and viewing opportunities, whether hunters hold a resident or non-resident hunting permit.

Doyon has several programs designed to help address trespass issue. The Lands and Resources Department has worked hard to sign lands around villages and traditional hunting areas across the Doyon region, especially those easily accessed by road systems, to reduce trespass by non-shareholders.  Doyon understands this is incredibly important during hunting season.

Doyon also regularly informs the public on the location of Doyon’s lands by annually posting maps of Doyon’s lands in the hunting regulation booklets.  This provides the public an opportunity to research land status before hunting trips.  Non-shareholder hunters must think about where they want to hunt, and the modes of transportation needed to get there. They must understand who owns the lands they need to cross and understand where and if there are any easements available for their use.

Under ANCSA Section 17(b), easements can and have been reserved across Doyon lands for the public to access public lands and waters in various locations across the region. These easements are owned by Doyon and are reserved for public use for limited specific purposes. 17(b) easements are reserved to allow for trail, and sometimes road access,  adjacent to public lands.  Sport hunting, fishing, and camping are never allowed on these easements. Any deviation from easement stipulations will be considered trespass and is criminally punishable under Alaska Statute 11.46.330.

Shareholders and village representatives can report any type of trespass to the Doyon Lands and Natural Resources Department or contact the Alaska State Troopers directly.  Helpful information provided with a trespass report should include location information (GPS coordinates) and photos.  Shareholders should exercise safety and caution and are not advised to approach non-shareholder hunters engaged in trespass. 

For signage or more information, please contact the Doyon Lands and Natural Resources Department at 907-459-2030, 1-888-478-4755, or

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