Doyon, Limited, a partner in Get Out The Native Vote (GOTNV), contracted with Information Insights to review data about voter turnout during the 2018, 2020, and 2022 general elections, as well as the 2022 special and primary elections, and compare Doyon shareholder turnout with the general Alaska voter turnout. This information will provide direction for Get Out The Native Vote campaigns, including the 2024 election cycle.

The percentage of Doyon shareholders who turn out to vote has remained constant over those years; however, there is still room for improvement. Voter turnout is about 20% higher during presidential election years.

Out of eligible and registered to vote shareholders, 46% exercised their right to vote in the recent 2022 general elections, this is slightly higher than the 45.5% of voters statewide. Doyon strives to encourage each one of its eligible shareholders to recognize the power and importance their voices hold and why it is crucial to get out and vote.

Geographic regions, ballot casting methods, and party affiliations all play roles in shaping voting patterns. The majority of shareholders prefer to vote in-person at the polls on election day, with absentee mail-in ballots being the second most popular. Those affiliated with a political party have higher turnout rates compared to undeclared or unaffiliated voters. Regardless of party affiliations, it’s important to participate and ensure that your voice is heard!

Challenges to voting, including the lack of available postal workers and reliable postal services during mail-in voting requirements, as well as shortages of poll workers and limited polling hours, have been shown to negatively affect voter turnout in Alaska’s rural villages. The GOTNV partnership aims to work with villages to address these issues to ensure voting opportunities for all eligible Alaskans.

Voting is not only an individual responsibility, but one that our communities and shareholders must work together to encourage. As Doyon shareholders, we must continue to exercise our right to vote and encourage others to do the same. Our Native voice matters. Our voices have helped to shape the past, the present, and will continue to help shape the future, and through active participation, we can continue to make a lasting impact.

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