Get Out The Native Vote – Interior has been rebranded to Interior Native Vote (INV). This change is part of a strategic update to more accurately represent our core mission of engaging Alaskan Natives, shareholders, and tribal members in the voting process.

Interior Native Vote is a collaborative, non-partisan initiative between Doyon, Limited, Tanana Chiefs Conference, and the Fairbanks Native Association. The rebranding emphasizes our dedication to increasing voter participation and awareness among the Native communities across the Interior regions of Alaska.

Our goal is not only to encourage more widespread participation in elections but also to educate and empower individuals about the importance of their votes in shaping policies that directly affect their communities. Through Interior Native Vote, we aim to provide resources, information, and hold community events that make the voting process accessible and comprehensible for all.

As Interior Native Vote, we are committed to maintaining a transparent and inclusive approach to our work, ensuring that all voices are heard and represented in the electoral process. This new identity strengthens our resolve to build a more informed and engaged voter base within Alaska’s Native communities.

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