Kristen Moreland is the Executive Director for Healing Native Heart Coalition (HNHC), a nonprofit domestic violence and sexual assault coalition serving the Tribes and Native DV/SA nonprofits in Interior Alaska to better address and respond to domestic and sexual violence occurring in their communities. HNHC promotes safety, justice, victim-centered advocacy, offender accountability, and healing through training, technical assistance, policy, and resource development. Their mission is to restore and empower native families by educating our communities about domestic violence and sexual assault, building partnerships, and honoring our traditional ways.

Moreland is a dedicated volunteer in her community. She has spent her time assisting her husband with coaching basketball. She instills the value of respect in her team for the competing teams. 

In 2020, Moreland earned her associate degree in applied science in Tribal Management. Moreland also completed the Doyon Leadership Training. In 2021, Moreland opened her first business in Permanent Make up, Flawless. 

“Kristen is a hard worker. She also owns two businesses; flawless (Permanent Make up), and Kristen’s consulting has been assisting tribes with their needs such as: environmental reviews. Kristen has traveled to villages in our region assisting many tribes. She is dedicated to her family, her husband, and four daughters (ages 12-20), and is a great community volunteer, she is active with and is a role model for youth in the community.” said Antoinette Halvorsen, who nominated Moreland. “As a leader, Kristen has and shows many qualities, the most striking is a compassionate and friendly nature and a positive attitude. People reciprocate and hold her in high regard. With great pride and pleasure, I recommend Kristen Moreland.”

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