Shareholder Spotlight: Malachi X. Bradley

Prior to being accepted to Hillcrest, Malachi played for Monroe High School as an 8th grader. With the help of his team, they made it to the 1A State Championships, where Malachi was named Player of the Game twice and his team was the 1A All-State team.

After graduating 8th grade in Tanana, Alaska, he moved to Fairbanks and was accepted to Monroe Catholic High. He was a standout freshman, making waves in the Fairbanks basketball world. As a sophomore at Monroe, Malachi made the Regional tournament team and won the 3A regional championships and on to win the 3A state championship. November 24, 2021, Malachi was named High School Player of the State of Alaska with dreams to go to the Division 1 level in college.

Malachi is not only an outstanding athlete but a great human. He loves his family and works hard at everything he puts his mind to.

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