May 18, 2023, Marion Bifelt, 75, passed away peacefully at her home in Huslia, Alaska with her family at her side.

Marion was the eldest daughter of Fred and Edith, born on May 25, 1947 at Hugh Hooneetlaakk Denh and was delivered by Grandma Bessie Henry. This spot became a special spot for children and grandchildren to visit and take photos with her. Marion attended school in Huslia and then traveled to distant Sitka to attend Mt. Edgecumbe High School where she graduated in 1966. Living in Sitka away from family was difficult, but she made lifelong friends in Sitka and had many fun times with others from Huslia.

She attended a secretarial school in Colorado and made her way back to Alaska. Throughout her life, she worked as an emergency firefighter, substitute teacher, janitor, State of Alaska election official and home care provider.

Marion was a curious and voracious reader. She had mentioned many years ago that she’d like to have a home filled with books and over the years she made that happen. She installed long wooden shelving that held many of her treasured books, including her favorite genre: true crime. Her family happily bought her books to add to her collection. Marion’s other lifelong love was Elvis Presley; she had a collection of beloved Elvis memorabilia.

Marion’s sharp wit and sense of humor endeared her to many. Her home was a regular spot for her best friends to stop by. She saw the utility in saving things to use later. She believed in and shared Native cultural ways with her friends and family. Family remembers how she enjoyed the yearly town clean-up in Huslia each spring.

Spending time with her family was a source of great joy for her. There was no better place than to be out camping, waking up early in the morning when everyone was still peacefully sleeping, making a fire and coffee. She loved to hear the sounds of birds and animals near camp. Being present and enjoying camp was a source of much happiness to her. Her days included serving as babysitter, lifeguard, bug killer and keeping kids away from the fire. Her daughter Lisa often brought her camping, even on short notice, and Marion rarely – perhaps never – said no. Even as Marion’s health was failing, she would get her things together to go camping once again.

Marion was predeceased by her father Fred Bifelt, mother Edith Yaska, siblings Annie Vent, Cue Bifelt, Winkler Bifelt, Lincoln Bifelt, Lucy Bifelt, Beatrice Bifelt, grandson Kameron Ballard-Huffman and other relatives. She is survived by her children Patricia (Patti), Lisa, Dawna, Michael (Mike) and Darren, and grandchildren Danielle, Zoe, Xavier, Alana, Michael II, Faith, Reve’ and great grandchildren Darin II, Kambria, Tasshian, Dakota and Deenaalee.

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