Walter (Walt) Edward Bauchmann, born September 3rd, 1947, with family by his side, went peacefully home to heaven to be with his wife Ferrell (Terri) and son Walter III (Punky) on November 7th, 2023. Walt lived a life full of faith, family, and work.

Walt was born in Meridan, Connecticut to Walter Bauchmann Sr. and Olive (Johnson). He was the youngest of four siblings – Carol, Gus, and Peter. He was cared for and loved by Nan and Arthur and the New Britain Children’s Orphanage from the ages of five to fifteen. One of his fondest memories at the orphanage was when he was given a quarter on his birthday, burying it in the ground on the playground. The next day, he noticed the sun rays shining on the same spot. When he went to dig up the quarter, it was gone. It was then he believed he had a special relationship with God the Father.

At the age of 15, Walt went back to live with his dad Walt Sr. They were often found traveling between Meridan, Connecticut, and Stuart, Florida. After settling in Stuart, Walt and his dad ran several businesses including fleets, landscaping, and a fishing charter service. Upon graduating high school, Walt enlisted in the United States Army in 1967, where he served two tours in Vietnam with the 808th engineers. He was awarded several service medals including a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. He was then stationed at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, in 1969 where he met the love of his life Terri. They had five children and lived a life working and traveling up and down the haul road where Walt worked for the State of Alaska DOT. Eventually, they settled in Fairbanks to raise their children Rhonda, Eric, Candy, and Rachelle. Walt owned several heating and cooling businesses during those years. He was often seen fixing things whenever he could. He quoted himself as being able to fix anything “except a broken heart and a crack of dawn.”

Later on in his life after selling the businesses, he and Terri felt the call to move to their home village of Minto in 1993. Together, they opened a little cafe known to visitors as “The Village End”, but to the community it was known as “The Bauchmann’s”. After all the kids had grown and moved away, many times Walt and Terri picked up and followed. As their kids married and started their lives, Walt took great joy and comfort in building a family that he always wanted, enjoyed many family gatherings altogether. His grandchildren often remember him being as excited for games and coming together as a family as they were.

Although his greatest challenge was yet to come as his beautiful wife Terri passed away in 2008. It was through her death he ended up spending more time with each of his children, often wintering in Minto, Wasilla, and Fairbanks.

Later on due to ongoing health challenges, Walt moved from his cabin in Fairbanks to Maple Springs in Wasilla to still be close to family. There, he lived out his final days in joy and surrounded by family and staff alike who loved him dearly and appreciated his kind words and sense of humor. He will be greatly missed by the staff of Maple Springs, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital hospice, Miss Claudia from Living Legacies, and the Ancora nurses.

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