Today, October 17, Doyon, Limited announces the installment of two 100kW wind turbines on the Doyon Drilling pad in Deadhorse, Alaska.  

These turbines are intended to provide supplemental power to Doyon Drilling’s warehouse and will assist in offsetting their electricity usage.  

Based on wind data history in the area, it estimates an average daily output of 1,440 kilowatt-hours from both wind turbines. This is estimated to be equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions from 100 gallons of diesel consumed.  

“This project is the first of its kind on the North Slope,” said Andrew J. Honea, Doyon Drilling President and General Manager. “I’m proud that Doyon Drilling is part of this monumental milestone.” 

It’s wonderful to see this project come to life,” said Tanya Kaquatosh, Doyon, Limited Senior Vice President of Administration. “The wind turbine project is part of Doyon’s sustainability initiative and aligns directly with our corporate value of long-term sustainability.”

Doyon would like to thank Doyon Drilling, Doyon Anvil, and all subcontractors who helped make this project successful! 

View the official press release here.

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