The 2022 Yukon 800 Marathon was held June 18-19. Boaters race from Fairbanks to Galena and back. This year, Earl Mahler and his crew members, Matt Kriska and Alden Sheldon, received first place!

“This isn’t a one man race, it take all three people to get to the finish line,” said Mahler. “If you want to be competitive in this race you have to be dedicated to getting ready as early as possible. I can’t thank my crew enough for the work they put in to get across that finish line first. I’m very thankful for my wife and kids and the support they give me every year. Because It’s no fun winning if you don’t have anyone to celebrate with.”

This years top three finalists were:
Little Red 13:05:55
-Earl Mahler, Matt Kriska, Alden Sheldon 
Wake em’ up 13:16:02
-Kyle Malamute, Patrick Captain, Gary Folger 
Be Bi Bones 13:20:52
-Tom Kriska, Shantille Kriska, Shanay Kriska

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Doyon is a proud sponsor of this annual event.

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